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10 reasons to sail in Croatia this summer
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If you are looking for a place to visit this summer, check out these 10 reasons why we think you should come to the Adriatic Sea: 1. Adriatic Sea 2. Islands of Croatia 3. Beautiful bays ...
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Ownership Dispute of Saddams Yacht
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Alpes-Maritimes ( Cote d'Azur ) link 1
PARIS (AP) — For sale: A palatial pleasure yacht with swimming pools, opulent salons and, should the winds of war blow, a rocket launcher and mini-submarine. The sale of the 269-foot Ocean Breeze, ...
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Top Tips For A Safe And enjoyable yacht charter
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California link 1
So you have decided you want to go on the perfect vacation you have always dreamt of ? chartering a yacht. Before you go ahead and consult a specialist, you should read carefully the following tips, a...
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Caribbean sailing
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Virgin Islands - UK British Virgin Islands. When it comes to Caribbean sailing, there is nowhere better than the British Virgin Islands: it is one of the finest and safest sailing areas in the world. The British Vir...
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United Yacht-Hot To Buy a New or Used Boat
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Florida link 1
The majority of boats sold in the U.S. each year are pre-owned boats. In fact, it is estimated that used boat sales dollars are more than 4 times those of new boat sales. The average boat owner that b...
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Lund fishing boats
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Ohio Lund fishing boats come in a variety of models and there should be one to suit any fishing or boating need. These small but practical fishing boats are made from aluminum. This is because it makes the...
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A basic description on how to dock a boat
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California When docking a powerboat one must remember a few small but important details, in this article I will include proper procedure, and a few tips on how to dock your boat safely and securely. Before at...
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Sailing Terms
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Rhode Island link 1
Sailing Terms Sailing Terms which have arisen over years of use at sea often appear to make sure that those of us who have not grown up with the sea have no idea what anyone is talking about. ...
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