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Artikel über Split - CROATIA

10 reasons to sail in Croatia this summer

If you are looking for a place to visit this summer, check out these 10 reasons why we think you should come to the Adriatic Sea:

   1. Adriatic Sea
   2. Islands of Croatia
   3. Beautiful bays and beaches
   4. Life in the Sea
   5. Nature
   6. Boats
   7. Interior of boats
   8. Towns & Culture
   9. Fun & Sports
  10. Sunset & Night Life

1. Adriatic Sea

Croatia is a small country situated on the Adriatic coast. The Croatian coast is among the most beautiful in the world. The Adriatic is known for its beaches, a large number of small islands, and its culture. Also, the water is very well preserved and of a high quality. The Adriatic is also known for the cleanliness of the sea and its biological and geographical diversity.

2. Islands of Croatia

Croatia is truly a land of islands because it has more than 1,200 islands, islets and cliffs and each one is different. Many of them are inhabited and exceptional, with its own story and destiny.

Island Glavat

Island Lošinj

Kornati - Lighthouse




3. Bays and beaches

The beautiful Croatian coastline is an endless panoramic oasis dotted with over a thousand scenic islands, white sandy beaches, secluded sounds, cozy harbors and busy marinas. This breathtaking view can be appreciated as you sail through a crystal clear sea of blue waters. Surrounded by natural splendor and beauty, you will be immersed in mystical pirate history and culture.

4. Life in the sea

Various animals and plants live in the Adriatic. In the the largest area lives many species of algae, corals, and different sorts of fish like sheepshead bream, the predatory yellow fish, ugly frog-fish, gilthead, goby, bamboofish and many others.





Sea View

6. Boats

You can rent a boat with or without a skipper and crew. There is a huge selection of sailing boats, motor driven and luxury yachts. Or take advantage of the unique opportunity to cruise the Adriatic in an old sailing boat or gulet.

7. Interior of boats

8. Towns & Culture

Croatia is indeed unique, not only for its crystal clear, clean blue sea, but also for a thousand years of different cultures that have replaced each other and sometimes assimilated in these areas.

9. Fun & Sports

Discover the thrill of rafting, canoeing, canyoning, diving and free climbing. Partake in sailing and wind surfing lessons. Get hooked by the lure of big game fishing. Have you ever dreamed of a truly romantic getaway weekend, a dream wedding or other special celebrations.

10. Sunset & Night life

We invite you to come sail away with us and discover why our attention to detail puts us in a very special category. Picture yourself on this floating paradise. We are confident that it will surpass all of your wildest expectations

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