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Where the Whales are
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California link 1
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Now that we’ve got everyone yearning for an Orange County beach , here’s some additional enticement--a taste of what the beach areas offer besides sun and surf. Winter can be one of the best times...
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Lighthouse Ghosts and Seaside Haunts
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Nevada link 1
The lure of the ocean has always been a strong one. It's said that once someone gets a taste for salt water it is difficult to be more than a mile or so from the water. Perhaps this is the reason so m...
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Deep-sea monsters do exist. Captain Nemo’s nemesis meets its match.
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Wellington link 1
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New Zealand scientists have announced a rare find. In late March 2003, fishermen hauling in a catch of Patagonian toothfish in Antarctica’s Ross Sea, netted a huge surprise. They trapped a rare Mesony...
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Yachts on Canvas - The luminous sailing yachts
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Massachusetts link 1
Alan J. Eddy was born in South Boston and attended the Vesper George School of Art in Boston. A scholar of New England maritime history, the artist has felt connected to the sea and the ships that s...
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