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United Yacht-Hot To Buy a New or Used Boat

The majority of boats sold in the U.S. each year are pre-owned boats. In fact, it is estimated that used boat sales dollars are more than 4 times those of new boat sales. The average boat owner that buys a new boat will keep his/her boat for only 3.4 years before selling it. (It’s been suggested that boat owners come down with a rare disease called ‘foot and foot’ disease. When you have that malady, you must buy a boat that is a foot longer or a foot wider to cure the disease and, therefore, it can be an expensive illness to cure!) In any event, there are always many quite good used boats in the market, if you know how to seek them out and to evaluate them.

In selecting a pre-owned boat, it is very helpful if you are familiar with the various boat brands and their respective reputations for quality, length of time in business, and market share. If you know, for example, that boat is manufactured by a tried and proven boat builder who has a reputation for quality, you will have fewer worries than if the manufacturer has only been in existence for a year or two! Naturally, better made boats are going to hold their price somewhat better than lesser known boats. You should also be aware of the various engines, whether inboard/outboard, straight inboard, or outboard as well as their respective drive units. If there is a certain drive or engine that is known for problems, it would probably be good to avoid. If you are the least bit unsure of this, it will pay to do your research or make contact with a knowledgeable friend in the industry.

Of course, there are certain advantages to buying a new boat versus a pre-owned boat. New boats and engines always come with a manufacturer’s warranty so that you can be certain of your maintenance and repair costs for some period of time, at least. Financing is generally easier on a new boat and the length of the financing period is usually longer on a new boat. Down payments are smaller or non-existent on many new boats. Of course, having that brand new feel and smell and knowing that you are the only family to use it – also has considerable appeal.

That appeal can be expensive, however! Boats depreciate more than 20 in their first year, on average. Many times, if you can find a year old boat in good condition, it may likely be just like a new one and at a much better price. Also, you may find a dealer with prior year models in inventory that can be bought at a discount and still have the new boat warranty, etc. It really pays to shop and to keep your options open.

Your search for a used boat should begin at the dealership of the brand of boat in which you are interested to check out their inventory or new and used boats. From there, it will pay to check out newspaper ads (Sunday editions seem to be more complete), and the local edition of “Boat Trader” magazine as well as their online version called Boattrader Online - BoattrraderOnline.com One nice feature of the online search tool is the ability to specify a brand, year, and/or price category and then narrow the search to boats in you part of the country.

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