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A basic description on how to dock a boat

When docking a powerboat one must remember a few small but important details, in this article I will include proper procedure, and a few tips on how to dock your boat safely and securely.

Before attempting to dock you should be sure that all of your lines are properly secured, your luggage is stowed correctly, and your passengers are ready for the procedure. Always remember to mount you boats bumpers on the side of the boat that you are docking on. Most boats will only need two bumpers, on in the front and one in the back.

Before docking you should also remember to check and see if: your lines are on the proper side and are properly placed, the bumpers are in there right location (usually the front and the back of the boat), and that your passengers hands (and feet) are in the boat at all times.

After checking all of these things, you need to prepare yourself. Figure out what way the current is traveling, when docking a boat you always want to travel against the current, this way you will not float into anything when you are trying to tie up. After you find out what way the current is traveling, face the bow of into the current, parallel to your spot.

After you do this you are going to have to ease the motor up a little faster than speed of the current. Steer your boat closer and closer to your spot, watch out for other boats and objects.

Finally when you get close enough to the dock that you or someone else can jump off, have them get off and secure the boat with the ropes. It is important to remember to tie the bow rope first, so your boats bow does not go out into the water. If you do not feel comfortable jumping to the dock have someone that is already there tie your boat for you, just throw them the ropes! Always make sure that you boat is properly tied, or someone will have to do some swimming!

If you remember these simple tips, and remember this procedure you will never have trouble docking your boat!

Good luck and safe boating!

Richard Hamilton


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